Gagers its socially accepted that its a guy's job to approach, ask out and pay for the dates right?

I ask because of this question This person proclaims its all about preference, and not about social expectations. This person wants to claim that guys approach, ask, out, and pay for dates because its their personal preference and not because they're socially expected to. This person doesn't seem to get it. Women can approach, askout, etc, but its still not to the point where it would socially acceptable that either gender can ask out approach, etc. Why? because a guy that thinks that dating should be equal and wants to wait for women to make the 1st move will end up dateless or going on less dates with women than guys who approach ask out etc. Guys ask out because they have to (does anyone on here really dumb enough to think that guys wouldn't ask out, approach etc, if they really didn't have to?)


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  • Yeah, it is the guy's job to do all that. Not because it should be that way, but it just is. I'll approach a guy and make attempts at getting to know him, but I feel like asking him out would be overstepping my bounds (I did ask a guy out once, he pity dated me for a whopping two weeks). I do prefer to get separate checks, go halfsies, lend a few bucks, or whatever on dates though.

    • That is just another way of saying its tradition. Traditions are meant to be broken, as It wasn't that long ago when women didn't have many rights at all and the tradition was that the men would go to work and bring home the bacon and the woman would stay home raise the kids, maintain the house and feed the man and kids. But this has obviously no longer the case. Don't let one bad experience deter you from being bold and having the courage to make the first move.

    • according to the QA in the kink, it isn't a guy's job ... She thinks its all about preference.

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  • Exactly. Finally there is someone else out there who sees the light. But you are right, society does expect the man to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to dating, at least that is the mentality for most people especially women. But the truth is mate, most women are chicken shit and will use various excuses like tradition and so forth.

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