I find it quite odd can I get feed back from people?

So I've noticed that women that I have only had interest in turn out to be incompatible with me like for example women with the same interests turn out to have shitty personalities and crappy attitudes that I dislike eventhough we like almost the same things and the women I get along with have great personalities and attitudes but have such a different taste in things but we get along perfectly so does this mean I have to be with women I don't even have anything in common with

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  • It's natural for you to get along with women who are completely different because you compliment each other. They also have a different perspective than you and disparate tastes. And what it means is that you have to be with a women who broadens your horizons. Life could be worse, my friend.

    • I just didn't find girly girls appealing guess I have to learn to like em

  • You're young. You will meet more who are better fit.

    • I don't know its been pretty rough, I only kept interest in these women who I had same things in common but I just end up ignoring them because of their personality and on the other hand women who I have nothing in common I didn't have any interest in being with them until now

    • Try using match. com

    • hmmmm I have heard nothing but good things from that site guess I might do a month sub and try it out