How do you meet girls that don't go out? (Europe)?

First as a disclaimer: I'm speaking from a European perspective here. So much stuff on here seems to be American based. Coming from a culture of guys asking girls out and dating and that sort of thing which is irrevant to me.

my question is- how does one meet quiet girls?
that is girls who don't to out to pubs and that sort of thing.
Increasingly in pubs the girls I run into are young and into going to clubs and other stuff that doesn't appeal to me at all- not much when I was a kid, definitely not now.
i would just like to meet a normal girl. Not a super sporty girl or anything like that (that would be easy) but just someone normal.

That I live in a new town and all my friends are expats means ye olde channels such as asking people if they know people are off limits.


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  • The best place to meet girls is at normal cafes during the day.

    • That sounds like a place to meet unemployed yet somehow wealthy girls. :p

    • If you go there in the weekend they may not be unemployed. :-P

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  • In which country do you live?
    The culture is really different here.

    • Switzerland.
      And yeah. It is a bit different to Northern Europe . People are a lot more touchy.
      But still I think Europe has more differences to the us than each other

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    • Yeah. I have friends of both genders just fine. Tend not to fall into the normal and not going out categories though. Only really foreigners too since swiss aren't interested in meeting foreigners

    • I see. Tbh that's Switzerland they aren't as open as other cultures. I am sorry...
      But you should just try to join social activities. :)

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  • Starbucks maybe?

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