Guys how long before you make a relationship official?

I know some people like to take things slow before they make it official that Thier in a relationship. My question is how long before some you of guys made it official? And what made you decide on making it a relationship?

Let's say it's someone who have been friends with for a couple of years. But it was rushed at the beginning and mmade things weird. So both parties decide to take it slow


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  • guess at least 3 months or so

    • Would Thier be a reason for you to take longer?

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    • Say she wasn't. You and her talk almost everyday. You tell her some personal info about what your going through. Even giving her a pet name calling her hun. But you haven't said anything on the two of you being official. I'm hoping he doesn't think that it's implied. He's done that before with a girl he dated

    • Then i wouldn't hesitate 2 make it official yo

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  • Several months.
    Not sure what did it with the girl who I did go official with. She claims I asked her which I didn't. Language differences I guess

  • TOtally depends on so many variables

    • Can you give an example on what would make it take longer?

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    • Ok. Thank you for your time I really appreciate it.

    • I know In the past he didn't say anything to the girl about it being more because he thought it was implied for some reason. And the girl ended up dating other guys.

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