So I saw this girl at bar on Friday and today she showed up on my suggested follows on twitter?

basically she was at the bar Friday and with some gf's , i know a couple of them allready and talked to them at that bar before although i hadn't offically meet her before , i think i had seen her there before. i kinds got the feeling she might of been interested in me even though we didn't really talk much , she was just sort of always around me and didn't seem to mind that i was checking her out.
anyways today i turned on my twitter and that same girl came up in my suggested follows and she had never came up before. do you think that is cause she like allready looked at my page is that why it came up? we have a couple friends in common that shows on her page but i find it odd she came up just a few days after i saw her in person? any thoughs on this? has this happened to anyone else before? and also should i try and add her and she i she says anything back? and also if she had in fact looked at my page? was she trying to find out more about me? to like decide if she'd date me or not or to see if i was seeing anyone else? or why would she had done that


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  • Its fate! Go ask her out lol


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  • Do u have any mutual followers?

    • yeah a couple girls from the bar that I have meet before I added a few of them to twitter although we don't talk much online , I have had people come up in the follow area before I had seen at bar but never like the next day it seems rather odd

    • Maybe thats y she popped-up