Tag the GaGer you want to meet in real life (and date maybe) ;) ?

As for me I choose @Klara-Hitler
All the people that are saying they don't wanna date anyone, there must be someone on this site that you find attractive.


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  • Well, there are some people I wouldn't mind having a few beers with. Date? I don't think so. Ideally, and I know this is sneaky, I would like to meet these people and have it so that they don't know I'm Bluemax. Well here goes:

    I wouldn't mind meeting you after law school and have you educate me more about family law. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I want to meet Karl Barx as much as you. That picture you have of him on your profile is priceless
    @Gray_Sailor and his wife
    I'd like to meet Mrs. Gray Sailor, and I'd like to apologize to gray sailor for being an insomnia cure. Furthermore, I'd like to talk more about your service in the navy and what you're doing these days.
    I'd like to hear more of your rapier wit
    I still want to pick your brain about marriage and children and see your illustrations.
    You seem rather thoughtful. I'd like to get to know you better
    Chemistry is about the only physical science which I'm lukewarm about. I love all the rest. I want you to get me to fall in love with chemistry. I always thought I'd go visit Korea someday and you can be my guide. DodgersGM will come with us.
    I disagree with you about as often as I agree with you, yet you never get pissy or upset about that. I respect that.
    Your mytake was stellar. You don't give yourself enough credit. I believe you're a better person than you believe yourself to be. I also know a few former students your age who I'd like you to meet...
    I'd like to meet both you and your son. You seem like a kind person. Let's do Disneyland together.
    I've seen some of your movies on Youtube. I'd like to show you some of mine and you can critique them.
    I doubt the feeling is mutual, as we frequently disagree, but if anything I'd like the opportunity to show you I don't think ill of you, believe it or not.
    @RedThread @Prof_Don @MrOracle
    I actually seldom interact with you, but I read much of what you have to say. It's interesting
    I'd like to talk shop with you. Discuss the differences in Canadian and American education, and I'd like to meet your husband and hear the both of you play.
    I'd like to buy you a steak dinner with all the trimmings. Somehow, you encouraged me to date after my wife's passing, something I thought I would never in a million years do.

  • @It'sNotYourBusiness

  • I do not know if I would date anyone from here, but some of these people would be pretty awesome. I think @Estellexm would be a cool person to hag out with

  • all my followers :p

  • Star_Lord for friendship And as for a girl goes I dont knoiw

  • Enough with the popularity contest.

    • But this is my first question regarding popularity contest.

    • Doesn't matter.

      You're a level 4, you've been on here enough to see the previous ones

    • I wouldn't be on this site for long so one such question is fair enough :D

  • They know exactly who they are

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  • @jaden69. i like my advice, i wouldn't mind meeting me

  • i would like to meet @performerwannabe :) not date cause im see someone already

    • Hahahahahaha:) I kinda have a crush on 10 other people so yeah.. I don't think I'd date you either but yeah, I want to meet you! And you're gonna have to cook. (as if you didn't know that). xD

    • Ok will do and hahaha true

  • No comments,

  • want to meet @emerald77 not date tho she is much older

  • @AleDeEurope so we could play pick up soccer and wreck n00bz NOT DATE haha

    • I guess if you wanna get your ass kicked, I'm down hahaha :P
      But yeah, better you and I in the same ticking, kicking other people's asses.

    • dat European connection