The best approach with getting back with a timid shy girl?

I was on some dates with a timid shy girl, moving very slowly, both of us are a bit shy. People were advising me to speed it up, so i did and the last date i started kissing her on the cheeks more and told her i like her. We held hands up to this and she had no problem with that or meeting up with me. She then said she thought we were friends but I see her at work and i get the impression she got stage fright when i tried to speed it up to the next level. My friends i spoke to about it, says she's lying that she didn't think we were more than friends and advise me to hang on and she may come back just give her time. If she does comeback and we go out again, what's the best approach, i've told her how i felt, is it that i ask her does she want more and explain it's difficult for both of us to change from long term singleness to a relationship and that i'll go at her pace but she needs to be clear on what it is and also to open up and trust me?


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  • first give her time.


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