I want a chance to celebrate the attractiveness of women 28-33?

I feel like society is sometimes obsessed with girls 18-22 and I wanted to give a chance to celebrate slightly older women.

I'm attracted to maturity and women at 28-30 seem to have the best balance of maturity and youth. I do think girls are mature enough for consideration at 21 because the brain changes itself at 21. Before 21 I just think girls are too young and silly and before 15 they're unbearable. They may be physically hot but mentally not developed enough.

Just look at some of these mature lovely women. Here we have Blake Lively who is 28

I want a chance to celebrate the attractiveness of women 28-33?

And Kristin Kreuk who is right now 33

Like basically I want them to have my babies. I don't consider myself mature yet for this group of women. I'm planning to be fully mature and established when I'm 28 and put myself into the dating world. I'll still aim for girls 21 and up because they seem mature enough for me but I just think they reach a certain peak at 28.

Sometimes I feel like society prizes women in their late teens and early twenties and I wanted to give a chance to celebrate these slightly older but still very attractive women. In some ways I find them even more attractive!

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  • Well this is nice to read, its better than hearing the creeps on here talking about 13 year olds


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  • *Clap clap clap*

    I would think that this is NOT true for the majority of women. This may be how a lot of them feel, but its not true.


    • I love Kate Micucci!

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    • I think we mature in the early to mid twenties. Men are bit later... MUCH later sometimes. Like there's a 30-35 year old with a fucking infantile view of such a simple concept that doesn't take much thought at all to realize.

      And I've been meeting more of them lately.

    • Yes I agree right around 20 and onward is when men and women really start to mature. but men take longer which is annoying to women I think.

  • That's cool :)

  • Unless they have had kids to screw their figures up and/or been obsessive tanners/smokers, most women in their late 20s/ early 30s are not going to look that different from how they looked at 19/20. In fact, many will have changed for the better.

    Main differences would be: losing puppy fat, having fewer or no skin issues than when a teenager/early 20s and knowing how to dress and pick a hairstyle that actually flatters them. End result, is that a lot of women can look far better in their late 20s - early 30s.

    I am 31, and from about 27 onwards, I have had about three times the amount attention from men that I got at age 19-22.

    • I am very happy for your new turn of successes.
      The demographic of this site is pretty young or at times old and creepy. I suspect that's why there may be a youth obsession at times. But your real beauty and style seems to have bloomed in your current age range for that I give my applause :)

  • Perfectly fine that you want to celebrate them, but you're quite wrong about mental maturity.

    • When do you think girls become mature?

    • While there is a general consensus about the age in which people reach maturity, I don't think it's something that you can celebrate and praise certain girls that you don't even know for. Especially since it does tend to differ from person to person. I know from my family alone that some people never seem to reach maturity.

    • That's true there are some ways where everyone is equal regardless of age and I agree with that. Thanks for your comment !

  • I like them too.


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  • guys mature after the age of 25 but the problem with older women is that by 40 having a baby is out of the question. as menopause strikes and thats the end of that and towards 40 you have more of a chance of a baby born with a birth defect. yes there have been other women on the internet who have had kids after 40 but those are rareites. as it gets really expensive to have a baby after 40

    • That's true that's why I was thinking in terms of peak baby making opportunity early to mid twenties might be a better option overall... I am freshly twenty five myself so I am thinking a lot about growing up these days and becoming a mature member of society. That's partly why I made this post

    • @gooseboy, I was thinking the same thing :)

  • Well some of them have more experience in tweaking their cosmetics, etc. Either way, older women are more likely to have a more tolerable personality. When I hear the average, pretty 19-23 year old talk, I want to wear earbuds and raise the volume.

  • yeah they peak in beauty at around 30

    • Yea something about that age of women gets to me...

  • mature?

    c'mon bro... they r still gals 8)