Should I follow up?

First off, we are well beyond the point of if we like each other or not. We do. She has been crazy busy lately, and so have I. The only time i can think of seeing her is late at night for a walk. But she also likes to go to bed early lol. I asked her to go on a walk tonight earlier but she hasn't responded (not weird for her). She is also with her family.

Think I should ask her later tonight if she wants too go for a walk or if she plans on going to bed?

Or just wait for her to let me know what's up?

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I do most of the initiating if that makes any difference.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Ask her again.

    • Even If i do most of initiating in the first place? I mean I know girls like when guys pursue them. But I don't know, I guess I am curious if she will say something if I say nothing..

What Guys Said 1

  • hmmm better wait man