I'm in love with my best friend on Facebook. He'd been giving me all these hints that maybe he likes me too. But he still said a no. What do I do?

We both started talking to each other on Facebook since August 2014. We've never met till date. I found him to be a very normal guy at first. But in a few weeks, we became best friends. I found a best friend that i never had. But slowly i started feeling something more than just friendship for him. Even he started givung these certain hints that maybe even he liked me too. I waited that maybe he'll say it first but he didn't. Then i couldn't wait anymore and i told him that i'd fallen for him. But he surprisingly said a no. He explained that he didn't want to give up on the wonderful friendship we have. He did confess that i was the closest thing he ever had to having a crush. Later, while we were talking on the phone, he was talking to some girl on facebook. And she proposed to him. And he said a no to her as well. Recently though, we weren't talking very often and we were arguing and quarrelling almost all the time. Finally we sorted it all out and started sharing with each othet what all had happened these few days when we were not talking nicely. He confessed that he's fallen for that very girl whom he had said a no. And that he feels jealous when she talks about the guys in her school. I felt so hurt that i was sitting right infront of him, never got over him, still waiting for his yes, n yet he falls for another girl who's already over him. I dont know what to do. I feel helpless. Please help me. What should i do?


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  • you fell in love with him but he fell in love with someone else. that sucks, but if it was meant to be. it will be. just be his friend for now and see where it goes


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