Why is the mother of my boyfriend children out to ruin his life without even considering she's hurting her own children?

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. We are expecting a little girl in July. We are 11 years apart. I am in my 20s and he's in his 30s. He has 2 kids from his previous relationship that has been on and off for almost 10 years. They are the same age. They were broken up when he found out she was pregnant. *suppositly she forgot to take her bc* He's an amazing guy so obviously at that time he stayed and supported her and they had another kid. He paid her bills, credit card debt, helped put her thro school. She was overall highmaintains and lazy. He got news from her bros girlfriend that she was seeing/talking to another guy who she car pooled with to work. *her older bro even called her a bitch and asked how he deals with her* So he broke it off. She ended up getting his hummer cus if he took it she wants him to buy her a new vehicle. Just made him feel bad for leaving. She moved in with her parents & doesn't pay for sh*t. At first the kids were calling her new boyfriend "uncle Keith" she says out of respect for her Filipino culture. Hiding the fact it wasn't just mommys friend. She ended up with this guy in about a week who she is now engaged to. She told the kids to start calling him "papa Keith" how messed up. I met T when his daughter was 2. When his baby momma found out he has moved on she started using the kids as ponds. Wanting more money then what was agreed. We took the kids out to my cabin and she didn't like that so we can't take them there anymore. We took the kids to our hometown to visit my parents 1hr away from the city and we had to stop taking them there without her permission. what we did with the kids she had to know. After we drop them off every time we will get a phone call complaining about something. She told her son that "Daddy doesn't love you" who the hell says that? It's manipulating. She went to court to get sole custody. It was granted. We haven't seen his kids for 7mnth n FaceTime once a week on her time. She blocked our phone#. Whats wrong with her


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  • Because she's just a baby momma now and you're his main squeeze now and now she's jealous because you took her lottery ticket. You make him happy and she hates that, I'm going to assume you and their children get along and she really hates that, but the icing on the cake is when you took her kids to visits "YOUR" parents this chick had a nuclear explosion go off inside her. She's not trying to ruin his life she trying to make yours miserable through him. Daddy doesn't love you, more child support money. If an ex-chick wants to make the new girl relationship suck she screws with the most important thing to a good hardworking guy which is his money and his family. Take his money and turn his family against him. She'll try and make them so miserable to be around you'll want to leave.


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