How to deal with a friend being jealous of your romantic relationship?

I have been dating a boy for about 2 months and we have just made it official. However one of my really good friends is obvioulsy not into the idea. I'm not sure if its because she doesn't like him as a person or the fact that I now have less time for her.. but she often makes little remarks such as "oh, you think you're still going to be with him by then?" or "I wouldn't have swiped right if I saw him on tinder" and "I think you're more into the thought of him and the status of having a boy then him himself" etc. etc. All my other mates were extremly happy for me when I told them we had become official. Meanwhile, this friend has a pretty turbulant dating life herself so this may be fueling the jealousy? How do I go about this? I want to keep her friendship obviously and I would truly listen to her if she thought I genuinely shouldn't be in a relationship with this guy but I feel like her comments about him are starting to get me down. Any advice?


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  • You can't always control others, so just chill up and don't give them damn fuck


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