I have been speaking to a guy every day for the past three months, he confessed that he liked me two months along the line but doesn't want a rel?

We literally talk everyday and every night. We have gone out to restaurants and bars and to the movies. We have had sex twice in a span of three months. He is really caring, he always wants to help, he enjoys making me laugh, talks about buying me things for my birthday. When we hang out he seems really happy and when we have sex its not selfish, its fiery, and passionate. He lives 45min away from me but still drives up to pick me up to go out. he tells me personal things from his life and I tell him mine and he responds without judgment but with understanding. i have never had anything like this.. When he told me he liked me he also mentioned not wanting a relationship and that he hoped he wouldn't lose me...


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  • He doesn't want a relationship but wants to keep you for himself? What a greedy bastard. Next him. If he can't commit to you, why should you wait around for him to be ready?

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