Girls, She invited me to dinner, I asked "what time?", She didn't text back! How weird is that?

Hello everyone and thank you all for helping me! I've been talking with my ex girlfriend for the whole entire week, she talked to me on the phone for hours at night before sleeping. She tells me how much she miss me and how our break up was stupid. I agreed with her and we both told ourselfs that we still loved eachother, She cried on the phone, getting emotional. After that we talked about how we should soon see eachother for a dinner.

So Saturday comes and I didn't ask her anytime nor did I text her. I woke up at 10 and I saw her message " hey good morning" so we texted for and hour or so and than she made the move to ask me to go take a breakfast!

I respond "yeah why not, what time can I pick you up?" and than... SHE DOESN'T respond at all. I told myself not to text her back like saying "whats going on?" so I decided to not text her back at all. And than the whole day (saturday) she didn't text me back or called me, no news on Sunday too. And now we are Monday and she still didn't text me. What should I do? wait a week and than text her? never text her till she text me? Ask her why she didn't reply? Acting like I dont get a **** and dont try to text or call her? please help me I really want you guys and GIRLS oppinions


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  • Text her, "Hey, what happened that day? I thought to meet for breakfast. I never heard from you."

    And wait for a response.
    I wouldn't send her anything else after that.

    I have no idea why she pretty much left you cold.
    Maybe she was having second thoughts about every thing and decided to distance herself.
    You have no real way of knowing!

    All I say is, if she continues to do things like that its best to cease contact with her completely.
    You want someone who is SURE of themselves.

    • I meant *I thought we were going to meet for breakfast.

    • thanks for your advice Stacy! I really dont know what to do :( its weird cause she asked me to go out a few times before she asked for the breakfast but it never was possible cause of our jobs/free times. Maybe I am over paranoid and I'll try to text her exactly what you said and lets she what she answer...

    • No problem.

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  • Not weird at all. She could be busy.

  • Send her a pic of a big breakfast and a huge guy and say something like look what you've done! Had to eat breakfast all alone. That should make her laugh and she'll tell you what happened :-)

  • She's playing you. Block and delete her.

    • Thanks for your advice but I really want her back I still love her but whats your advice to make her chase me? ignore her until she miss me enough to text me back?

    • There's nothing to win here.

  • That's not very nice of her
    Message her and ask her if something's wrong and where you stand
    You deserve to know what's happening given how things have been lately

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