She's not interested in dating me and I don't understand why.

OK, so my best friend my friend drops me hints of love and that says she will always be there for me. She thinks I'm attractive and I think the same. We always talk to each other about problems. I've never felt so comfortable being around someone. Its almost like we're in love.

But she's not interested in dating me and I don't understand why. She dates other guys, so I got for other girls and it tears me apart.


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  • ...Hhhhmmm...thats hard...

    It maybe that she just thinks a relationship would ruin your friendship. Because if you two get together and break up, wouldn't that be uncomfortable and you two would probably not be as close as you are right now.

    Is it worth it?

    That's probably what she's thinking if she actually does like you that way.

    (Which if she finds you attractive and gets along with you, she probably does.)


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  • I was in a similar circumstance, turns out she actually did like me the whole time, just never would have admitted it in a million years to anyone.

    Just hang out sometime (when she happens to be single) and go for that kiss!

    If things get ugly, just say you always wanted to just for fun, or you could also always blame it on the al al alcohol.

    Good luck!