Is it wrong of me to put the ball in his court and let him pursue me for once?

Essentially there's a guy that I like. We go to the same college and decided to just stay friends over the summer, since we'll be living six hours apart. I've been doing the majority, if not all of the initiating, of texts or phone calls since summer break started. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to keep messaging him if he's never going to communicate with me first. The last thing I want to be is clingy or controlling or god forbid desperate. So essentially I'm just going to let him initiate the conversation, if he wants to talk to me then he will.

Basically I'm wondering what y'alls experiences with situations like this are?


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  • not at all... that means u'll see if he's interested or not!


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  • its not wrong at all.

  • Tried that and waited for him for about 4 days and damn, he still didn't send message! In the end, I kind of told him that if he doesn't want me to message him anymore, he should just tell me. Then he explained things why he was not able to message me or so. I guess you try to keep it low for now and see how he reacts. You just have to be patient.