I have a crush on my best friend and I have no idea what to do, any advice?

I recently understood that I like my best friend, we talk almost every day and even though during this friendship we had some difficulties, a month ago we got through and ever since then we've been hanging out a lot, we chat till like 5 am. The thing is that I have no idea how he feels about me cause he's way too casual, though he's not like "brotherly" casual but still I can't understand him and what he's like, even though I know that I'd like to be more than just friends, I'm terrified of telling him and getting rejected, he has many female friends, though when they hang out they do it with their group of friends, with me it's just me and him. I can't stop thinking about telling him how I feel, but the thought of losing him scares me to death and I don't even imagine how I should tell him if I do. I'm in desperate need of advice!

I have a crush on my best friend! What to do?


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  • better tell... guess if he's yer best friend.. he'll understand!

  • You're obviously a teenagers then. Growing up you'll understand that you need nobody. Anyway. Just tell him. There's no God to help you. It's only you and him. Do something.


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