Will she eventually notice me staring?

So there is this this sophmore girl, I am a junior, I kind of have a crush on but I don't have any classes with her or see her during the day in the hallways. I always try to make eye contact with her when I pass by, and make it evident that I am looking at her.

She seems the quite type so I dont expect her to come talk to me, I just want a better chance at trying to get her. Like, I want her to warm up to me before I try anything so I dont just go in cold and get shot down. Will making eye contact do that atleast?


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  • if she's interested only!

    • I try to think she is... If I assume she isn't interested then I lose right away dont I?

    • guess so :(

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  • No, it won't. You need to muster the courage and talk to her.

    • I will, I guess I just want to make her known of me

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  • try to find her at lunch, you're going to have to break the ice dude. I've been there and I did everything but in the end I was too late after wasting so much time deciding what to do. Take the initiative NOW

    • she's not at my lunch, I would have seen her there by now. My school has 600 people a class, and the building has 3 classes, so there are 3 lunches during the day. They try to keep one class mostly in a single lunch time.

      Honestly, she is not very attractive in conventional standards so I doubt she has a boyfriend, but for whatever reason I am very attracted to her. When I see her she is always either alone or with another girl.

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    • Yep, think I will approach this slowly.

    • good luck man let me know how it goes

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