What are some kissing tips? :)

Well, I've just started kissing this guy. We kissed for the first time last night and it was so sweet, but really awkward because all my friends were in the other room and they'd put us both in the room to kiss (REALLY AWKWARD). But we kissed, and then my friend banged on the door, laughing, and we broke apart and just smiled at each other. And then we started kissing again. Our kisses were like, our mouths were just slightly open, but we weren't using tongue yet. We were kissing for like 20 seconds and I could feel his tongue getting nearer my mouth and I broke away and smiled. But. We're gonna kiss properly soon, it's pretty obvious. But he's kissed a LOT of girls, and he was my FIRST kiss :| so, any tips on how to make our kisses really passionate and special? He knew it was my first kiss and like, he wasn't pushing me to do anything I didn't want to do, and I really want to french kiss him, I'm just nervous about it in case I'm bad. Because he has a lot of kisses to compare ours to. Help?!


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  • Relax. For what it's worth, try not to be nervous. You sound like you have a good guy here: he knows it was your first kiss and doesn't want to push you. That will work to your advantage. This is something that you will learn by just 'going with the flow'. Don't think about it too much, and let his experience be a guide instead of a hindrance. Don't worry about him making comparisons. From the sound of it, he is ready to french kiss you. Next time you feel his tongue approaching, don't pull away, just follow his lead and before you know it you'll be in french heaven!

    Hope this helps :)


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