So like there I this girl in my school and she says she doesn't like me but she's my friend and she sort of flirts w me how do I impress/ drop hints?

but then towards the end of the year she like started flirting w me and like i even got her phone # i just haven't txted her or called her yet and she accepted my friend request on instagram. PS IM GOING INTO 11TH grade and im actually turning 16 in July

  • give up
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  • try to impress
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  • ignore her
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  • ask if she really does like me
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  • other (please include in comments)
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  • never give up! be straight up and ask IN PERSON not over text. be straight forward, we like that


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  • I voted option D - Go for it.

  • Actually girls behavior is very complicated we can't understand it.. But if you want that girl or wanna know why she flirts you.. Try ignoring her when she is around try to flirt with other girls and see her reaction

  • I voted E,

    I suggest that instead of any of the options you have up there you should let her know that you like her, although not directly say it to her. Just start flirting with her and let everything happen naturally. You do not have to impress her or ask her out but if you both enjoy your time together and you give off the vibe that you like her more than a friend it'll work out.