My boyfriend laughed when my older sister asked him when we would get married?

Ok, so my older sister who is 28 years old was at my place last night cause it's her birthday today. She and my boyfriend had met once before cause she lives in another city.

My boyfrind is 23 and we have been dating for two years and three months now. I occasionally ask him about marriage and he would say that after we qualify professionally, that would be after 5+ years, we would re-assess whether we wanted to get married but that would be the time that would be best for him (age 27+), and that he would llike to get married to me one day.

So now my sis and boyfriend were in the dining room while I was in the kitchen and my sis asked my boyfriend when would we be getting married. He just laughed. That hurt me so much cause to me it seemed like his laughter was him saying- "me?, getting married to your sister?, not ever gonna happen".

Last night I told my older sister that I would SMS my boyfriend telling him it is nice to know that he doesn't wanna get married to me but she told me that he just was probably not seeing it happen soon, so that's why he laughed.

Now this morning asked my boyfriend why he laughed last night whereas he never laughs when I ask him about marriage and he said that I shouldn't take it seriously, that we will get married but only after we qualify professionaly, and that he didn't expect that question from my sister.

I am still hurt though... I don't know what to think.

Do you think he laughed cause he knows he never wants to get married to me?


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  • i wouldn't take that personally. I've laughed a few times when asked about marriage, even being in a commited relationship with someone I love. Sometimes, although we love someone, we want to get married eventually, but it isn't a priority. The priority is being with that person. And you just confirmed that: he wants to, but it's not a priority. So he laughed when your sister asked him... the laughter not necessarily meaning "oh please, me?" but more like "hahaha you're still going to wait a while until our marriage".


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  • He doesn't necessarily not want to. He's just not ready yet. I'm sure he doesn't think you're a joke. He just wasn't expecting that question and marriage is a big step. Don't feel hurt


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  • He's just not ready

    • I'm also just not ready.

  • Aw don't be upset
    He wouldn't say he wants to marry you one day if he didn't mean it
    I think it was just an Instant reaction as it's not on his mind right now, not reflecting you at all
    A lot of guys want to be sorted financially and career wise before they get married
    The important thing is that you are happy together and have the same long terms goals

    • Thanks a lot for that.