Guys, it's been almost 4 days, & no word from him after a fantastic 5 hr 2nd date?

had a 2nd date with a guy who kinda intrigues me but also little there are a couple things about him that annoy me. But I am very attracted to him & we have chemistry & he makes me laugh. 1st date went pretty well right after a chance meeting 2 Saturday's ago , but he didn't reach out to me after that too the Thurs. I reached out to him on the Monday (2days after our date) to see if he was ok bc I realized he'd gotten caught in a storm. He seemed really happy to hear from me and was like "aw so you do care! ;)" and kept the convo going for a while. Then thurs he asked me for a 2nf date, but I was already busy so I suggested another evening, which he enthusiastically took.
We met up for dinner... He paid for everything, was a gentleman, we had good convo, he made me laugh... We had a picnic on the grass, walked around like tourists, and had our first kiss while overlooking some beatiful scenery. Later I bought both of us ice cream and we continued to walk & talk. He'd put his arm around me a lot and I liked it. We were both affectionate w each other.

I was having such a good time that I lost track of time and we were out frolicking from
730 til past midnight. I'd worked a half day but he worked all day and was moving (not a big move) the next day and he started to mention that he was tired. I took the hint and suggested we call it a night. He walked me to my car, kissed me passionately and I offered to drive him to his bike (warm day & he lived closeby). He kissed me again and thanked me... And we said bye... But NOTHING since then. That was Friday night & we're Tues morning now. I get that he moved over the weekend but it wasn't a big move- it was from 1 furnished place to another, no furniture was involved. Either way he could've dropped me a line to let me know he enjoyed himself & hopes to see me again.

Why would you spend 5 hrs out w a girl, putting your arm around her, kissing her, paying for everything, not trying to bring me back to his place, not trying to get laid... And then.. Poof.. Disappears. What are your thoughts? Should I reach out- even in a friendly or causal way in a couple days? Im interested & intrigued but also like him as a person.. I was also interested in someone else from school but this guy has distracted me I guess... I like him but it's only been 2 dates. Thoughts/suggestions?

I messaged him... he seemed happy to hear from me again... and he awkwardly hinted at going out again... he hesitated.. first he asked me what I was doing on a certain night,... saying "So?" then I asked "So what?" then he said "Oh nothing" then "umm yeah I was gonna say maybe we can do coffee maybe tomorrow after work? but I'm busy in the evening."

guys... decode this please. haha


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  • That's unusual, but hard to know. That's why we all need to just stop doing games.


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  • He's probably waiting for you to contact him and might be thinking the same exact thing wondering what's taking you so long.

    • But it's the guys job to lead and initiate and reach out. He should know that. Every other guy I've dated has msgd me consistently to make sure I know he's interested

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    • But if he was interested, he'd reach out regardless... No? I'm 31 and I've dated a lot of guys haha... Usually when a guy doesn't reach out it means he's just not that into me :(

    • He is telling you that he is not desperate.

  • then y don't u try textin him back? :)

    • Because the ball is in his court. Did you read the full post? I think he should message me. Men should be the chasers

    • "Men should be the chasers"<---- hell no, we live in da 21st centuries

  • He may have already a woman. Sorry if it turns out like this.

  • you probably did something really stupid on the 2nd date.

    sorry for being rude can you block me?

  • 31 years so thinking old np

    • ... huh? i seriously didn't understand any of that.

    • also, I think you're an idiot...

      PS your mom thinks so, too.

      PPS -- no one likes you.

    • Haha... did I said my mother won't think old?
      You and my mother think old so I said NP and today world changed so we live in new old you have to accept it.

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