Girls, I'm want to know what are the minimum things a guy must have for you to consider dating him?

I'm not talking about your "perfect man" fantasy, just the bare minimum a guy needs in:


for you to consider dating him.

What specifically in each category?


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  • Looks: Good teeth are a must. Bad teeth are just a major turn off. Any hair cut will do as long as it looks nice on him. He doesn't need to be super built or skinny, just not obese.

    Personality: I don't care if he's introverted or extroverted as long as he's a good guy. If he's respectful to people, compassionate, and knows how to treat ALL people right, then he's good. I would never date a rude person. He also needs to have some type of passion or talent. It could be a sport or art or anything but it has to be something.

    Intelligence: Being super smart isn't a necessity. It's nice to meet someone who's on the same level as me, so that we could have really deep intellectual conversations, but it's not required. If he's average or a little below average, then it's ok as long as he's actually trying to improve. If he's just skipping school and not caring then I can't date him.

    Lifestyle: Any basic lifestyle will do. As long as he's not super religious or something.

    Money: I don't want a relationship for his money. If I get in a relationship with somebody, then I want them, not their money. I don't care how much he has, as long as he's trying to improve. If he has no job and isn't even trying to find one, then I won't date him.

    So basically what I'm saying is, it's ok to be the bare minimum guy as long as you're trying to improve. If you don't like your appearance then try something new, if you are rude try being nice, if you aren't super smart try reading a book, if you live a bad lifestyle then change it, and if you have no money then get a job. The key word here is improve. No female wants a guy who doesn't want to improve.


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  • Looks: taller than me, build should be healthy. Hair color, eye color not important.

    Personality : fun and self assured, confident

    Intelligence : can hold his own in a debate over current affairs, make witty and quick observations, has a decent vocabulary without being condescending

    Lifestyle : laid back and easy going, adaptable

    Money: enough to pay his bills. We can split dates and trips. Money is not important to me at all

  • Looks: clean, puts at least some effort into his appearance, clean clothes, clean teeth!
    Body: Not obese and can keep up with me (going on bike rides, walks, swimming) can be skinny I like skinny guys honestly.
    personality: kind and respectful, at least a good sense of humor
    Lifestyle: not overly religious, can be a nerd since I am a nerd and can't judge! (not too weird of a nerd, like a furry or brony that is sexually attracted to kid's show ponies :( normal guy who watches cute stuff and isn't obsessive is ok)
    Money: I don't want someone to support me, I pay for myself and support myself so he can be poor just as long as he doesn't bum off me and put me in debt!
    I don't know if I could date a super rich guy because I'd feel inadequate having him buy everything for me, if I was already in love with him and he became super rich he can't help it so that's ok I guess. But I wouldn't go out on a first date with a super rich guy knowing he's super rich it would be too weird.

  • He needs to be funny. He needs to be able to make me laugh and have a good time. I'm the kind of girl, that for dates I like doing something fun like laser tag or mini golf or an activity of some kind. A movie and dinner doesn't sound fun to me. So my bare minimum is he needs to have a fun personality

  • Looks: put together, fit, healthy, and well I have to find him attractive
    Personality: rational, respectful, smart, and easy going.
    Lifestyle: healthy one. Doesn't go to clubs, bars, doesn't smoke/drink, etc.

    Money: isn't in debt, enough money.

  • Looks/Body and Personality but I mostly go for personality but on the other hand i wouldn't date somene who was super ugly just cus he was nice.

    • Good to know :) What exactly constitutes a good personality specifically for you?

    • I would like them to be nice, humorous but not over hilarious although i do like a guy who makes me laugh. They have to be caring and DEFINITELY not full of themselves or mean.

  • Personality and looks.

    • Anything more specific?

    • I have to be able to get along with them. Have some stuff in common. they have to be honest and trustworthy. They can't be annoying and immature.

  • Minimum? Has to be a good looking guy, decent job, money isn't as important as future goals, and lifestyle I guess being into similar things to me like fitness and travel

  • Mutual sexual attraction & similar level of intelligence. Not violent, an addict or married.

  • Attractive , mature , generous , polite , smarter than me !!! :)

  • Looks/Body: Skinny guys I'm into most; but just sort of averagely lean is good; not fat or really muscular; an ectomorph kind of build. Long-ish hair I like and fringes will get my attention.. but just long enough that I can run my fingers through it is enough; not shaved really short. Cheekbones I'm into; quite sort of delicate features.. I don't really know how to explain but his face is the main factor in whether I'll be physically attracted to him. Penis size; irrelevant really as if I was only considering dating him I wouldn't know; but anything that's neither a micropenis nor so big he passes out from the amount of blood that rushes to it whenever he gets a boner is good by me.
    Personality: Tactful and considerate of others' feelings, kind, he has to trust me and I have to trust him. He has to be able to talk about feelings and all that jazz, even if it's only with me. Quite affectionate with me, like likes cuddles etc. But also an introvert or an ambivert. Similar sense of humour to me is a must. And possibly by extension similar taste in tele programmes etc.
    Intelligence: Ableist as it is of me; similar to me or higher. That's not me saying 'I'm so great' or whatever.. bit yeah.. A similar type of intelligence too; I mean in terms of cultural capital.. Maybe someone more creatively intelligent than I am would be good. Probably I could do with someone with some organisational, time management intelligence..
    Lifestyle: not really extroverted; I'd find a really fast paced lifestyle with loads of people really intimidating and offputting. I'd prefer if he didn't drink that much because I don't, but that doesn't mean I need him not to at all. Other drugs like cigarettes and pot are alright by me, I mean I'd worry for him, but I wouldn't not want to be with him. No really hard drugs. Someone quieter in general I'd prefer though. Not someone who's super into sports or goes to the gym all the time because I couldn't relate at all. Or someone really cooporate..
    Money: Doesn't matter to me at all really. Unless he was literally homeless I suppose. Cultural capital I do care about as I said though so if he was a really different social class from me it might be difficult

    You haven't put this as a criteria but political opinions are important to me; I wouldn't date a guy who wasn't a feminist; equally I wouldn't date someone who was racist, homophobic or transphobic. Ideally I'd date another socialist; but he at least has to be left wing

    • Oh, Looks/Body: taller than me. But I'm only 5'4 so that's most guys I think

    • Personality: geeky like me is always good :') . Patient would be a good one 'cause I can be kinda crazy :s

  • Looks/Body, I prefer a man being at least as tall as me. smaller feels awkward because i love heels. I dont like muscular men, but if he is nice it might be ok. He can be a little chubby but, not so it's unhealthy.

    Personality, I'd like someone who has time to listen to me, even when i complain about things i know don't matter, usually i'm just joking. Also i like to goof around, so he should be accepting of that. Otherwise, i just guess.. nice? Oh and he needs basic manners, since my parents can be strict.

    Intelligence, I Don't have any particular thoughts on intelligenuce, but as long as he doesn't get confused every time i open my mouth, all is good.

    Lifestyle, Lifestyle doesn't matter too much either, but he must be willing to go for walks, since i love that. And i'd prefer a guy that either games a bit, or watches anime. Or similar geeky things, it would be awkward if we didn't have anythg to talk about.

    Money, With money... well i do have enough money myself, so it isn't a big deal. But at least enough so he can pay for transportation, if we live a bit away form each other, and half a date every now and then would be nice too.

  • All of them.

    • Yes but what specifically in each category?

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