How to tell if she wants you back?

I was on some dates with a girl in the office, after 3 dates by a complete surprise she got cold feet and said she thought we were just friends. After an hour of telling me that she sent me a text about receiving the same email from an agency as me and we conversed by text as if we never had our break up discussion. I haven't since texted or emailed her but I have said hello to her and we have been pleasent to each other when we speak. People are telling me to give her time and she'll come back to me and not to initiate any text or emails which i haven't done since, though tempting it is. Are there any tell tale signs i should look out for that tells me she may want me back?


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  • If she keeps up with everything you do and randomly shows up to places when she secretly knows you will be there or if some of her friends begin conversing with you then those are positive signs.

    But yeah just give her time and maintain your no-contact rule.

  • just give her time.


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