I rejected this guy bc I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. Now I can but he seems hurt and avoids me?

This guy chased me for months. He made it obvious he liked me and got jealous when i checked out another guy. I ignored him because at that time my parents wouldn't let me have a boyfriend but now i can so i want him to be my first. But he avoids me and seems hurt. When i say hi he just looks at me and doesn't say anything. he doesn't know y i ignored him or that i can have a boyfriend now. How can i communcate to him i like him? Or should i see if he tries to get my attention again?

He never asked me out. He just flirted a lot. There's a big difference
I only saw him at church and church events. I'm homeschooled so we never had banquets we could go to.


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  • Is this a serious question?

    "How can i communcate to him i like him?"

    Hey {insert name here}, my parents are super strict and wouldn't let me have a boyfriend when you asked me out. I can have one now, would you like to ask again?

    "Or should i see if he tries to get my attention again?"

    Why would he get your attention again if you flat out rejected him without a reason. If he was aware of the situation he might say he could be patient or he would keep trying regardless. No offense but females are wacky, we have no idea how you think what you think. BE DIRECT WITH US GUYS.

    • The reason why I was waiting to see if he tried to get my attention again is because he has already. I thought he had given up, but when my friend and I walked over to talk to him he looked deep into my eyes and brushed his hand against my face and lips twice. Later that day he got jealous when I was checking a guy out and he hit him and stood in front of me. So he's tried to do it.

    • You have to ask him out guys never ask girls that rejected them out again NEVER!!! Ball is in your court, ask him out and tell him why you couldn't go out with him before

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  • Just talk to him and let him know you couldn't have a boyfriend at the time. Also leave yourself open to him then so he feels comfortable to approach. It might take him a while at first, because he obviously did get hurt. But he'll come around. They always do... 0.0

    • Always? :/

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    • First It'll help to explain to him why you couldn't date. Then let him heal and think. You might had hurt his feelings. He probably just avoids you because of being hurt and guys don't like to be labeled as "creeps or stalker". After you gave him time to think and heal. Just suggest to him that you two hangout some time.

    • That's really bold. Especially for a very shy person like me. But i'll think about it.

  • Just be open and honest with this guy. Tell him why you couldn't have him as a boyfriend. Don't necessarily say you want him now, just explain what happened and see if he does approach you again. If he doesn't talk to you, then you can ask him. You have nothing to lose!!

    Take care, stay safe!!

    • I think I would have something to lose. I mean, if I talked about it to him he might think i'm being forward and asking him out. I could wait to see if he tries to make a move on me again, and flirt with him. But if he doesn't then I don't know what will happen.

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    • He's not going to make a move, you rejected him. You are going to have to talk to him and ask him out that's just how it goes

    • @Eric644 Again I was not rejecting him. I just wanted to be invisible. I think he knows that and that's why he keeps coming at me.

  • did u explain 2 him wot happened?

    • no. and if I did it would be really forward. That would be like asking for him to be my boyfriend.

  • The fuck kind of question...

    • what do u mean by that?

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  • you should talk to him.

    • Wouldn't he lose interest? And we never really talked so that would be really forward.

    • Nope!!! You rejected him, if a girl ever changes her mind about rejecting a guy she has to make the move. Suck it up and be brave

    • @Eric644 I didn't reject him. I was shy and I didn't want anyone to notice me.