What to do when his ex keeps getting in the way?

Okay so, long story short: there's this guy that I used to be slightly higher than just friends with 2 years ago and I had a bestfriend who liked him and ended up having sex with him but she didn't know that we kinda had a thing. After, i kinda tried getting with him and me and the girl ended up getting into it, they've been dating on and off since and its kinda established that they "belong to eachother" and me and him haven't really talked since until the end of last year to now. When he'd see me he'd flirt, try being around me, etc. other times it's kind of like an awkward silence and I felt like there was something still there so , I messaged him one day and we were having normal conversations and i asked him about taking it to a sexual level and he agreed. We werent supposed to say anything but I did and the one person i told went back and told his ex and she was all down my back accusing me and making me seem like the bad guy and saying they still talk and she kept saying she was giving him to me but I knew she was gonna run back to him anyway. She was just saying she's been single for the past 9 months. I told her I'd stop talking to him but I don't want to and this is the second time this has happened and we technically haven't done anything yet. I like him but because of his ex that he's "established" with and everybody thinks it's true love but he's been lying to her, embarrasing her, and choosing other girls over her for the past 2 years. I blocked him in my phone because I really shouldn't have said anything to anybody and I'm tired of this happening and I feel bad because I know he don't trust me anymore. So any suggestions, opinions, etc?


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  • guess he should tell her that now he's seein someone else.. no?


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  • ignore her.

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