So this girl wanted me to go to the bar but I had to work the next day and she didn't seem to understand?

she wasn't being pushy about it or anything but didn't seem to understand that i didn't really want to go out and that it was a bad night for me. she works at a restaurant and is usually this bar people go to in town on that night of the week and i have been there before although not with her specifically but with some of her friends before. so maybe she though that i would go there again anyways but it was just a horrible night and too busy at work the next day for this. what got me is that she just didn't seem to get it or why i though it was a bad night. but i sort of have the reputation of going out a lot so maybe she though i'd be interested but still she knows i have a job during the week so though she'd be more understanding of things


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  • ok. If you're a guy OR a girl, and someone you're interested in asks you out, and you can't make, then you should attempt to reschedule for later. You know, to let them know you're interested. You can't just be like "oh i'm busy that day, sorry, bye."

    • well I said I have more time on the weekend and that's when my schedule is better for going out , she knows I get the weekends off. she also suggested we have pizza together some night at place she works at so there is other options than just that night

    • ok. So go set something up

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  • she thought you were lying to her.

    • she knows I work during week so don't know why she'd think that , I have been to that bar before so maybe she though I was going that night just cause I had been there before

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  • oh well... u should ignore her if she doesn't understand.. sorry

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