Why do a lot of women (not all women) act like they are victims of manipulation when they get burned by players/womanizers when?

It could very well be that they have poor choice in men? Out of all the women I heard or known of getting played, the thought of them actually having poor taste in men never dawned on them. Players/womanizers are usually considered by women as initially attractive and/or have money . I never seen a guy who women consider as unattractive and broke be considered a player/womanizer. Look at this clip... it proves that the majority of women are initially attracted to the same ( Which is also a very very small percentage of the overall male population) men in this world and the majority men who belong to this very small percentage group know they can date and be in multiple relationships because of their looks and/or money and know that a lot of women will hold out for them vs. guys who aren't of that caliber so why not takse advantage? https://www.oxygen.com/player-gets-played/videos/playlist?clip=2860717

Must 've touched a nerve with this question.


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  • Because nobody wants to admit when they make a stupid mistake.

    And yes, assuming that someone who's WAY out of your league is going to be serious about you is a stupid fucking mistake. A guy who's both hot and successful isn't going to be tied down by anyone who isn't at the very least his equal.

    Life isn't a fucking lifetime channel movie.


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  • Yes, most players are attractive. Can't get a ton of pussy if you're ugly. God forbid women date men they're attracted to. Its a totally normal human tendency but gawd forbid

    Anyway, I do partly agree- a lot of girls want to say they were played even though there were plenty of signs that the guy was an ass or there were even people WARNING her and she still pursued him. But afterwards she'll feel dumb and pretend she was just played.

    But often times, girls are truly "played."

    But ffs let's stop shaming women for going after attractive guys.

    • Not shaming. They should be woman enough to accept the cons that's all instead of moping

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    • So many things wrong with what you're saying.

      You're a) shaming women for wanting to be with attractive guys and b) expecting them to lower their standards for you.

      You're also c) implying that you can't be attractive AND loyal and d) attractive guys are players and e) unattractive guys are better people.

      It isn't hard to find someone you find good looking who has a good personality. Not at all. Its perfectly reasonable to only date people you find both mentally and physically attractive.

    • Not shaming at all... LISTEN to what you just said and you will see I said the same thing. Just like you said a guy isn't entitled to a attractive woman. If he gets one, then congrats. Just like a woman isn't entitled to a attractive guy that's not a player , loyal , thoughtful, etc. If she gets one congrats. If I got a attractive woman to date me and then I found out later down the line she's nothing but a gold digger and playing me for my money, then I won't be upset really because I know that most women (NOT ALL WOMEN I REPEAT NOT ALL WOMEN) that are gold diggers are usually attractive. I never rule out that possibility. A lot of women rule the possibility of a attractive guy being a player/womanizer because they set hopes too high and put too much emphasis on finding a knight in shining armor and they jump the gun.

  • no, not all... women do it to themselves, because players are called players for a reason... they play... and that's it... women play their game and get burned then run crying and wonder why...


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  • Lol, women don't like this type of question. The one question that I find evasive is when I ask: what separates a guy that can pull several girls in one night from the average dude who just gets lucky?