I want a marine boyfriend?

Im sorry if i sound shallow..
From what I've seen, i know that it's hard to have a relationship with anyone in the military
But i see it as growing from someone in the service to become stronger, and i have a lot of respect for them. I'd feel protected and safe. I feel like not a lot of women want to date military guys because it's too hard to do.

That's why it seems a lot of these guys become 'emotionally numb' because they have no one there for them. Where can i find military guys? please dont tell me im a tag chaser. I've never had a boyfriend in the military, and i want to try it out.


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  • I'm not saying that you sound shallow but I'm not sure if you're ready for a full on military relationship. Many of us are gone A LOT, letters, phone calls, care packages and what not help but are never enough. I think you should probably look for someone who is your type that just happens to be in the military. Feeling protected and safe is one thing that you SHOULD already have before entering a relationship because when the guy comes back you need to realize he's been gone doing intense shit only to come back and things change people change and the whole adapting back to normalcy is a hard thing. Sometimes you need to be the rock and be able to draw out the feelings that's been cooped up inside for a year/months. Other than that I don't know what else to say.

    • i just want a manly man.
      Im sick of dating guys who are more feminine then me! lol

    • @Asker - That's fine and all good and am glad you want a manly man, but just because a guy is in the military doesn't automatically make him a manly man. There's alotta cowards, douchebags, suck-ups, back-stabbers and many others wearing the uniform; reason being why I said to find a guy who is your type and just happens to be in the military.

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  • You are looking for a good-quality man, a manly man. That is a good thing.
    To find what you seek, I would suggest an old-fashioned introduction agency. Not a website, one that has an office and will want to interview you.

  • Marines are so legit.

    • hmmm... sarcasm?

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    • Lol i think thats another reason why i'd want to date one. marines are manly men. unlike a lot of pussies nowadays.

    • Ya if you want to filter out pussies quickly, def. go for Marines lol

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  • Well you are chasing men in the military, so don't ask people not to call you a tag chaser.

    People are often closed off emotionally because they have seen and some some fucked up shit. Not because they don't have a girlfriend.

    It sounds to me like you want to be the spring wife who understands and comforts her troubled marine husband/boyfriend. I have a feeling the reality will not live up to your fantasy. Badly adjusted people are not going to suddenly open up and confide in someone just because they start dating. These are serious emotional issues which often cause problems with personal relationships. It isn't a case of women finding it a hassle to date military men, it's because there is often a load of emotional baggage with it. Often left unresolved.

  • There's nothing great about it. I don't have a boyfriend in the military but one of my closest male friends just went to basics and another who means everything to me has been gone for a while now. Another is leaving in October. I miss them terribly, can't imagine how it would feel if I were dating them.

  • You've seen one too many Nicholas Sparks movies

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