Guys, not sure if he's being genuine. Should confront him or just tell him it's over?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months. The last couple of weeks he hasn't been calling or messaging as frequently, he's been saying he's fatigued/ sick (he does have a medical condition that leaves him fatigued). He said on Saturday that he was sick and cancelled our date for Sunday night, I was disappointed but didn't think too much of it because he gave me some notice. I've been letting him send all the first texts/calls so that he doesn't think i'm too keen if he's not as interested. The thing is, I just saw that he got tagged in a fb pic of him and some friends in a club on Sunday night. Should I say anything? I feel like he's doing a slow fade out but I'm confused because he's the one doing all the initiating. He hasn't made a solid plan to reschedule our date but he said he definitely wants to go (we were going to check out a festival that's on until the 8th :/)
I kinda want to confront him, I don't know whether to call him out on his behaviour or just tell him it's over. I really liked this guy :( Is there any hope left?

  • confront him
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  • reverse fade (please give tips if you choose this option)
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  • just tell him it's over
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  • give him a chance
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  • Sounds like you are just giving up to me. Its been too short a time to figure that out.

    • how long should I give it then? I've turned down dates with other guys and I'm not sure if I should have, but I don't like dating other people when I'm sleeping with someone

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    • just to clarify, I was saying I hadn't faded someone out in regards to how I can be compassionate. You're right though, about people walking away from perfectly good relationships. Whilst I've always been the one to walk away, it's always been after trying to work things out, if anything I tend to stay too long trying to give things a chance. We went out today and had a great time, he even initiated the talk of clearing things up because he was worried that I thought he was fading me or only interested in sex because we haven't labelled things, so your right, with this guy I was gonna give up on him because of my own fears. Thanks for your help!

    • You seem like a sweat girl with a level head wish you the best and good luck.

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