Why would this guy do this?

i went on a date with a guy-- late night. we went to a wings place and beer. i didn't feel good and tried to find my ID before going in but couldn't find it. i thought ok screw it and went inside. i wasn't hungry and felt sick and just wanted a beer. the guy was from out of town, and we were talking about our age. he said he was 36 and i said.. i was 36 too. then, i said i just wanted a beer but didn't have my ID. we said he'd order one and i'll drink it. then he ordered two beers and the server didn't ask for ID. then the server came back and asked for ID and i said i didn't have any.

i didn't want to go outside to get it b/c i felt sick. if i go out and dont have my ID my friends or even dates just get me a drink.. have done it hundreds of times like most out there. but this guy, then we got the one beer and then he began drinking it. i was thinking.. er? he didn't even want a beer.. i wanted it. then i takled about the beer and he said i could drink from it. i didn't want to just b/c.. i didn't know him. so i was waiting for the server to come back we said he'd order another beer as he was almost done and i'd get a tea. he acted really weird about it... he said i looked really young but he said i looked in my 20's.. then he acted as if he didn't want to do something illegal.. ok wtf? illegal.. that was just stupid... then he continued being weird and i realized he wasn't going to get another beer. he said we can go to another bar.. i didn't want to. then, he said ok well bye.. and i got up and said.. u can't order ur date a beer? that's just nuts..

then he said "tell me the truth" as if it was a big scam.. just so weird.. i said what truth f*cker? by this time i was mad.. then later he was texting me saying "come back" then said "are u an undercover cop." I said.. oh yeah.. there are cops on CL busting guys for serving beer to underage girls.. like huh? just crazy.. did this guy do this on purpose to b ea jerk or was he really this stupid..

the whole situation was just so damn strange.. I've gone on many dates no ID and have gotten beer with no problem.. dates on concerts always get me beer.. no one asks for ID.. and looking young.. it makes no sense. the guy was acting so retarded.. as if he was being scammed but then again he couldn't be this stupid.. it seems he wanted to piss me off, or take me somewhere else.. he kept saying 'let's get a case of beer." also him being worried about getting in trouble was really strange too


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  • Sorry but your date is stupid and dumb.


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  • I don't really understand how someone can get so upset over not getting a beer, especially when you already felt sick that night, but ok... And I'm not quite sure I get what you are accusing him of? You didn't get a beer because the SERVER asked for your ID, and you didn't have it, right? Your date offered you to drink of his beer, which you declined. What else could he have done?

    Also, if he was from out of town, he may be used to different rules than you are. In my town, for example, you can't just order a beer for someone who doesn't have an ID. Once the servers know you don't have an ID, they will watch you and make sure you don't even take a sip of your friend's beer. Left alone someone were to hand you a beer...

    Last but not least, you lied to him about your age. You may not be underage, but I am pretty sure you don't look like 36, so he most likely knew you were lying. Then he asked himself why would she be lying about her age if she's of legal age? He may have thought you are in your 20s, but once he knew you were lying, he figured the only reason for you to lie was because you were underage and wanted to get a beer.

    And yes, people can get in trouble for enabling underage drinking, which can ruin your career if you got a certain type of job... So there are a lot of valid reasons why he acted the way he did.

    • i wasn't lying... so that makes no sense... and i def look over 21.. and no the guy was not being smart he was being a jerk. if he cared about underage drinking why did he ask me to drink the beer after he drank it? get a clue... and he was being an idiot

    • he said it was illegal... and no one cared if we got watched... you're really stupid... im 37.. and its very rude of the guy to NOT get his date a beer-- ask anyone... you and this loser are in the minority... u shud def get together since u both are braindead

    • Well your profile says you are 25-29, so please excuse if I don't believe you that you're 37... Plus you're acting like a 6-year old, there is no way someone in her 30s hasn't grown up yet. And stop cursing around just because some people don't agree with you. You're just mad because you know I got a point. And you can be as mad as you want now, I won't even read any further comments of you. Don't ask questions on GAG if you can't take different opinions.

  • bitch just carry your id. Problem solved.

    • and just shut your mouth.. huge problem solved

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    • crazy or not... I'm intelligent enough to have my I. D. on me at all times... get on my level you dumb, no I. D. having beyatch...

    • carrying an ID doesn't indicate intelligence... you're such a fuking lunatic.. get lost cunt whore