How does she feel about me?

So me and this girl have been talking for a long time now. We have lunch occasionally with her friends and now it has started to be just us. We have really gotten to know each other and talk everyday mostly late at night. When we do talk late she is the one that usuaslly always initiates the conversation. We talk about everything, but we mostly talk about our lives and she always ends up telling me about her emotions. We have hung out several times and she has even invited me to accompany her to her church. I have met her parents and vice versa.
I don't understand her though. One night she will tell me about how much she admires me and the next she will be cold as ice to me. She even has a boyfriend who she always complains about to me and tells me she wants to dump him but not hurt his feelings.
I am so confused. It feels like she is using me and sometimes I feel that she likes me. Help me please.

Almost forgot. She has asked me several times if I would marry her when we get older. (Right now we are 20)


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  • I think she has friend zoned or whatever it's called (I hate that term lol) but she has a boyfriend, I don't know. I think she doesn't knows what she wants.


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  • I don't think she's using you, but she may just not like you in that way. Girls can have very strong feelings for guys they consider friends only, sometimes even stronger than for their boyfriend. That may be what's confusing you.


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  • wow tough one here she already has a guy so I dont know

    • Well. If this helps she has only been dating him for a couple of weeks and always talks about how she wants to end things with him and how he is wrong for her. But then she tells me about how she likes him qnd stuff. So... I don't know.

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    • Good Luck to you my friend

    • Thanks man. I am going to need it.

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