Guys, Why do I panic when he needs space?

My partner sometimes needs space away from me and I automatically panic about this. I will over think things thinking it means he is fed up of me or that he isn't happy when in reality we have just spent nearly a week together and he probably just needs time to do stuff for himself.
Last week I stayed over at his every night bar one, we were together from finishing work until work the next day. I thought he was really enjoying our time together as he was being very affectionate and he seemed happy.
When It came to going home on Monday I felt like he oil dont get rid of me fast enough. I asked him about it last night and he told me he didn't think he had been short with me and he felt I was causing a problem. How do I fix myself overthinking and being insecure about him needing his own space?


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  • It could be a subconscious feeling of things falling apart , when in reality it could be his way of seeing that it doesn't or maybe , maybe he isn't totally comfortable with his feelings and needs time to file them in the correct places in his mind


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  • It's not that he doesn't enjoy being with you, but it's exhausting for some guys. Just trying not to say something dumb that ruins everything is enough to wear me out. haha. I like hanging out with a person guy or girl for say an afternoon. After that it's like ok time to go home. Yeah you have to just let things flow and don't worry about him leaving you. I'm the same way and honestly you have to be prepared for the day it might happen. Don't make your life depend on him, have your own interests that you do alone.

  • Thats a hard one, because some guys need that space to do their own thing. I could be with my girl 24/7 but it doesn't bother me.

    I have a friend though and his relationship with his girl both of them have to have different shifts if not they kill each other. It works for them though they only see each other maybe a few hours each day and maybe have one or 2 days off together.

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