Guys if you see/hear less of a girl (that you like) do you think of her more or less?

Trying to work out if it's better to lay off for a bit or to keep chatting all the time on text etc. I just want to be the one playing on his mind. So what's better, presence or absence?


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  • absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say

    • I know they say that lol, but is it true, say for you? For me it works for a week or so, will be going mad/sad/mental then it subsides and after 4 weeks it's like 'ah yes, him, right, he was cute I think'

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    • if you are interesting, not really

    • Have been trying to work out if I'm interesting enough...

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  • I think time away sometimes makes you realize how much you feel for the person.