Do I look like someone who can have girls easily?

I am trying to find out which impression I actually make on girls, I can't judge myself well, but I've heard from people on this site " no, don't be a "bad boy" , it'll backfire because you're too good-looking" ( I'm not fishing for compliments) .
You know, "bad boys are what ladies want, according to many sources.

I'm looking for a suitbale girlfiriend because it's getting really lonely. I have no trouble finding topics to talk about or fliting, but it is no secret that looks are the invitation for a relationship while personality is the visa to stay so to speak.

But when girls think, " he can have any girl" they will be leery and won't even try to get to know you better I suppose. Or they will be afraid of talking to me for thinking I may be a player...

Can I get some more opinions?


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  • Every girl is different on what they want. Don't be a bad boy if that's not who you are. If it's who you are naturally then hey go for it. Ik this will sound generic and you may pass it off as just stupid advice you'll get. Be yourself girls don't wanna be "lied" to or having someone who is just putting on a show for what they believe girls want. Any girl who is worth having will like you however you are already. Without tweeking anything or learning new things about girl. Sweetie just be yourself.

    • That is my take too. I'm still figuring out who I really am

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    • @justyouraveragegal17 16inches or 1ft 4in between your friends height and what she likes is a huge height difference.

    • I honestly prefer girls between 5'7 and 5'11, my mom is 5'3 and I feel like as if she were an annoying fly flying around me xD. (It gets awkward)

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  • it looks like you are just trying too hard

    • Often the right one crosses your path when you expect it the least

  • Well.. It pains me to say it but we do like bad boys ( especially the attractive ones).. BUT we like nothing more than a bad boy chasing us.. Someone who gives up his bad boy fascade only for me will be the absolute dream!! Although if you are not a bad boy you should not pretend.. A Relationship is hard as it is, you don't need to make it more complicated... Be yourself tell the girl you like her.. DON'T PLAY GAMES!!! Games are for children... If she kniws you like her the "he can have any girl" will be a major bonus and not a drawback!!

    • I get you ! I actually am a bad boy, I'm no wuss who shies away from lots of things. Thanks for this tip ! Playing games is so damn childish ! I couldn't agree more ! Thank you !

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  • Getting girls is about attitude a lot more than it is about looks. You don't look ugly or scary so you got that going for you.

    • good to know, as I've said, I can't judge myself, thanks

  • So I post this a lot, but did I show you this site?

    This is the best place to start, since it teaches the basics:

    This is relevant to your bad boy/nice guy question:

    • oh, man, who would I be without you? I'm really craving a girlfriend

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    • yes, I do atm.