Girls, does this girl want to be with me or no?

So basically I have been talking to a couple months and we never talk about getting exclusive or anything. After a couple of weeks seeing each other a lot she told me we needed to talk and tells me that she told her ex about me and that she feels bad because she's broke up with him to be alone not just jump into a new relationship. I understood and laid off a bit. She will say thing s like I still want to hang out and talk to you so I said yeah that's cool. I am pretty sure she is still seeing her ex again because I caught her in a lie about where she was but never told her I knew because we are single and it's not my business right? Basically I just want to know what my step is because I don't want to get hurt. Some more pointers.
-we have sex quote often
-she's sleeps over
-she's texts me a lot
-she bought me a gift for my Bbirthday
-she says she likes me
-I think there is other guy s in the picture
-what do i do? ?


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  • I think she might've just been using you as the rebound, I could be really wrong, so don't take what I say into thinking she's not into you, but that's just what I think

  • She's weighing her options btwn you and the ex. If I were you, I'd straight out ask her what's going on. It's scary, but it's not fair to you if she's playing games and you deserve to know if it's you or him or what.