Should I keep trying with this guy?

i met this really great guy on tinder. we have amazing conversations and it feels like there's not enough time in the day to chat to him as much as i want to. i messaged him first because he is really gorgeous and we were matched together and he's been chatting to me all this time so he must find me attractive to some degree. the problem is he doesn't seem that invested in our conversations. i feel like i have a connection with him but it feels like he still sees me as an aquaintance who he chats to throughout the day. it just seems like he's not nearly as interested in the conversation as i am. he will ask me a personal question and i give a long answer going into to detail about my feelings and experiences. i ask him the same question and he gives me a 2-line response. this has become a recurring theme with us. i know it seems like i'm being bratty about this but just take my word that i'm not. i've also learned to not ask him more than one question per message because he usually opts to answer just one, usually the simplest one. i get the feeling that i could just stop replying to his messages and he wouldn't even send a message to ask what happened. so i don't know if i should continure talking to him. so far things have been going great between us but i hate feeling like i'm far more into him than he is into me. what would be the best thing for me to do?


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  • Well, personally I would say just ask him if he's interested in you. I kinda feel either way though, the answer is no. He's either not interested, or even if he is, you're going to get involved with someone who doesn't communicate with you in the way you need him to. Might be a nice guy, but unfortunately, it won't work.

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