Has anyone ever broken up with someone just for having realized he/she wasn't all that bright as he/she had originally seemed?

  • Yes, the wheel was spinning, but the hamster was dead... and i just couldn't have my fingerprints on *that* trainwreck...
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  • No, he/she didn't have enough wattage to run a lightbulb... but i just didn't have the heart, and now im the proud mother/father of *several* mountain children...
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  • Other...
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  • Well kinda.. I've only had one 'boyfriend' and it was when I was 14.. I broke up with him 'cause I realised that I wasn't ready to have a boyfriend; but also that I wasn't really all that attracted to him; I just liked that he was attracted to me and gave me attention :/ (in fairness to me I was only 13 and getting bullied a lot in school at the time etc ...). And yeah, a part of that was him not being terribly bright; like his texting was horrendous; I'm not terribly picky when it comes to spelling and grammar or whatever, but it was really bad; he wouldn't understand a lot of the things I'd want to talk about and it was frustrating. And he had stupid opinions (like I found out he was racist which I didn't know before)


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  • Lord t'underin' Jesus, yes. Army guy. Not all that bright. Intimidated easily. Demanded certain things I wasn't comfortable with. Like, all around a bad dude.

    • Is this *one guy* you keep mentioning? What did you *like about him in the first place? 😜

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    • "I was standing at the stop, and there was this guy... Everyone who was standing where they could see his face were cringing and turning away... then out of the blue he sprayed this lumpy greenish yellow *shit* over some poor girl, and came backward at me hard enough to crack a rib, and I had to batter his face in with my boot..."

    • Lmfao.

What Guys Said 4

  • The way I see it, if I was stupid enough to get into a relationship without first assessing her intelligence on a deeper scale, then I'm equally to blame, and also an incredible moron.

    • Ya, didn't mean to blame anybody, or not... just curious if you saw it through because you weren't willing to call it for intelligence sake, or if you went on your way...

    • Well, for what it's worth, yes, I got into a similar predicament a long time ago.

      Ex-girlfriend, it wasn't that she was... hm, she wasn't dumb. She just, had a bad way of trying to solve problems. Most of the time she buried her head in the sand instead of actually trying to solve the issue.

      I still got into a relationship with her, despite knowing this. Didn't work out, for the EXACT same reason that I thought it wouldn't work. So yeah, it was stupid. Had to try though. She was and still is a good person.

  • hahahhah not at all... i don't expect her 2 b a genius

    • No, I mean like after initial false impressions were made, you realized that this person should have been assigned to a government employee to follow him/her around all day to make sure he/she didn't hurt him/her self

  • all humans are the same. What you see in Ashley is what you'll get with Betty and so on.

    • What if Ashley is teaching at cal-tec, and Betty is eating a crayon, but for the first time in front of you?

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    • such a troll response good one.

    • O... was *I* trolling? 😈😆

  • I didn't break up with her as it was easy access to P (I'm not stupid :) ). I did write her off though as marriage material. She was shallow and to me that was stupid. We were both in college when I broke up with her. I broke up with her for other reasons though. she was wild in bed though.

    • You only stayed with her because of p, and she was shallow?

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    • She wasn't marriage material because of it.

    • 😊 that was beautiful, mate