How to know he's still interested?

I met a guy a few weeks ago through a guy friend. They are moving in together soon, I met him when they were having the last bbq at the old place.

I noticed how attractive he was, but didn't spend the evening talking to him anymore than anyone else. I had a bit to drink that first night, and decided to spend the night. My friend went to bed, leaving me alone with his friend. He covered me with blankets as I lay on the couch, then sat opposite the one I was on. In the morning he asked if I'd like to hang out.

I said yes. But told him I was only looking for a friend since I've recently had my heartbroken. He said okay.

A few days later we got dinner, then spent the next few nights talking on the phone. We work different schedules so I always waited for him to text or call first.

We got together again almost a week later, after he postponed a few times. He was crashing on my friends couch while they were getting ready to move. But for now he felt weird hanging out there. We watched a movie and I ended up spending the night again due to car trouble. Nothing happened except we kissed.

We talked on the phone almost every night again after that, and texted some. We both said we liked each other a lot and are interested in being more than friends but taking things slow. Its been a while since we both felt something like this.

We got together a few days later the night they officially moved out of the old place, but they were told they can't move into the new place yet so he'll be crashing at someone else's. That night we got dinner again and walked around a lake downtown holding hands. We kissed a lot, but that's all. That was last weekend.

We made made for this weekend since it's my birthday, and we had plans already next week for a concert. But I haven't heard from him in four days now. No calls, no texts. No replies to the 3 I sent. He's stressed with his living situation but that doesn't explain the dead silence. Or does it? Slow isn't something I'm used to.


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  • that is pretty weird.. i wouldn't expect him to just flat out ignore you if he's stressed, but everyone deals with things differently. he may be busy buying things for the new place or trying to sort things out for that. my only thought is he's busy at the moment.
    i know you probably don't feel like waiting around forever, but maybe wait another day or two. if he doesn't get back to you i'd either try to call him or send him a quick text saying "hey listen, if you don't want to do this anymore then we don't have to.. just let me know what's going on". something like that. just be straightforward with it, and hopefully he'll be straightforward back. there's no way to tell unless you try to talk to him about it, i think. unless he just stops talking to you forever, then i guess that'd be a pretty good sign that he's not interested anymore lol.


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  • if he doesn't gnore u...


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