What does this mean, are these signs on Facebook?

Opening response from her - Hello Jamie! It was alright thank you! How are you?

This girl i like and met on a dating site took intrest in my sisters youtube channel and said this:
Aww how old is she? She looks so young!

Her voice is SO good!
Subscribed & commented on her cover

Ahhhhh silbing youtubers! Love it! :) so cute


after reaching 14,000 subscribers she said -
Oh my lord! Thats brilliant!! Well done you :D

When i talk to her she uses a lot exclamation points, ask's questions about me, uses a lot of emoticons and responds most of the time when she is on her computer instead of mobile.


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  • It seems like she responds in a friendly way.

    • so is that a good sign as we haven't met in real life it must mean she likes me or finds me attractive at least to spend time talking to me?

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    • every time this happens it says she has seen it?

    • Well, then I have no idea.

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  • she was just being friendly man...