What are the signs that your boyfriend is either guilty of something or just differently of you?

Been with my fiance for a number of years. We have lived together since a year into our relationship. All seems well 99% of the time. Rarely ever argue. However, sometimes he starts acting really weird.. Both of us trust one another. I have guy friends and he has a few women friends. Out of respect for one another, we dont invite over or go out with the opposite sex unless we are both present during the time. Its sort of an unwritten rule that we have and it works for us. (It was only put in effect once some of these opposite sex friends started getting too friendly and disrespecting of our relationship).
Anyways, sometimes, like I was saying, he gets into this weird kicks.. He will kind of act irritated and start asking me who I am talking to when my text notification goes off. He will start using his phone almost all the time (which, whenever I walk by, he is either on facebook or listening to his headphones. Not doing anything inappropriate that I have seen.) He will become slightly distant around these times as well. He smokes weed (has a medical card), and lately he has been resorting to picking up off of females. Which normally he would not do. (This doesn't bother me, but its different). And also, the other day he went to pick up and he had his female friend pick him up to give him a ride where out vehicle has recently shit the bed. Which, this also is unheard of because we never hang out with the opposite sex alone.
I know nothing is going on between him and this girl he just went with recently. I have hung out with her multiple times and know for a fact she is a homosexual. However, it still kind of bothers me. I have brought this up with him and he seems completely unaware of why it bothers me or that he is doing anything differently. I might be overreacting, I know this. He's always had these weird little kicks but its never been this severe.. It kind of seems like he stays away from me as much as possible sometimes..


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