I wonder on the guy's and this girl behavior. The seemed to be friends, but I feel wronged, like dated a bitch?

The point is that, I lived in a different city, sleapy town in a countryside, nice town but with not much going on. And had some bad times with a girl, a break up, recovering, trying to date. A friend of mine who is from a big city wanted me to come to / move to this city he lives in. The girl - a friend of his contacted me, and we started kind of online dating. I had a vacation and because she was persuading me, and my desire not to sit at home doing nothing - I went there, to visit them and some of my family members from that city. We dated, I figured that this girl fell for that guy, but because they were just friends (with benefits) she started to flirt with me... Her story is that - she is 25 with a 6 year old boy, living with her parents. We dated, had sex a few times, she was quite impulsive and bullish, a bit supportive, and a man kind of a caracter. Thus, after hanging out for some time, ie - a month, she just disappeared and hangs out with this friend of mine. They started chatting and hanging out together, when I asked her out somewhere - she most of the times was busy.
I feel like being used and wronged big time, I met bad girls before. but this one is just beyond believe.
On the other hand that ex, started contacting me, ex left me to date other guy...
I have a feeling that I need to change a whole lot in my life, including my attitude and view on things, like not allowing crappy people being around me. I would be like a weak person asking for advice here, but I think that I need to at least share my thought with somebody.


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  • Stay away from bad girls ;) looks like to me she just wanted to fuck and nothing else. If she had any reapct at all for herself or you, she wouldn't have disappeared.
    Seems like your a nice guy who went through a bad break up. Being home and focusing on life and what you want is perfectly fine until you meet the right one.
    PS: your not weak. Takes a lot to ask for advice ;)

    • Thank you, its helpful:) I appreciate it)

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  • There seems to be something about you that attracts girls like this, do you take whatever they give you and kinda let them walk over you in the beginning because they might be testing you then to see what they can get away with.

    • I would say that you are right. Thats why I end up this way... Thats what I must change.

    • Yeah don't beat yourself up too much I do the same thing, you just like having someone so you take them as they are even if they are a complete asshole, it happens.

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  • basically they just hang out... u r not so sure they flirt... no?

    • When I arrived and they met me, they did flirt a little bit. So I would guess that they do.