Move on or stay?

I've been with this guy for nearly 9 months now, and it was really great. We're practically the same person in different bodies, and I love him very much. I understand that a relationship cannot stay at that puppy love stage, but things have switched up so much. Now it's me who texts first/initiates conversations. I'm the one that wants to talk on the phone. I put the most into the relationship. It's strikingly obvious, but he's oblivious to it. When I ask him about it, he says he has just been busy. I don't necessarily worry about him talking to other girls. I make him a priority, and I just don't think I'm as high up on his priority list anymore. I've mentioned how unappreciated I feel, and he doesn't see it or do anything about it. I'd like to know your take on this.. I've talked to him multiple times about it, and I'd like another opinion. My friends tell me to end it because of how unequal the effort is now, but I really really like him and I can't see doing that right now. Everytime I've tried to end it.. I end up not following through with it, and we end up in the same boat of unequal effort. So my question is should I end it? Should I stay? And if so, how could I handle this situation?


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  • Oh god EXACT reason why me and my ex are broken up. I've talked to him many times about it and he just concluded I was insecure. I wasn't at all... I just knew I deserved better. Soooo... Id say he may get to that point in thinking you're just clingy and before that happens walk away. Tell him you want to take a break and if he just keeps walking on then he did you a favor. Any guy committing himself to a relationship knows he's need to put in the effort... I'm sure he wouldn't like that treatment from someone he really liked. I'm so over my relationship though I still hold a little feeling for my ex boyfriend but I know it'll pass. My ex just wanted to hang with friends and smoke weed and drink. Didn't even tell me he wanted to spend time with his friends I had to ask him. Too much stress. You'll be fine.


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  • If you desire to stay with him then you will probably just have to accept that he will never show as much appreciation or out as much effort into you to make it equal or anywhere near your desire. If this is not appealing and you feel this would continue to make you unhappy I would consider ending it soon

  • if he hasn't said anything like, oh sorry baby, but things are really hectic at work or something. I've just had my work on my mind all the time. Once things calm down, we will spend more time together.

    Then you should probably ask something like are we growing apart. if he doesn't care, you gotta move on. by the way almost all relationships have unequal effort, but yours seems to be extreme case

  • Sorry for all that
    I would like to say
    Love must me both sided
    No one is busy in this world its all about priority
    So, for now dont give up
    Try ur best and test for more days
    Love him more and more for more days
    And see his reaction, how he behaves

    After doing all this and
    Then his responses
    U will easily know that he like u or not
    If u find him
    And leave him forever


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  • If I was in your situation I would definitely break up. It takes two people to be in a relationship and he's obviously not in yours. If he's not making any effort in the relationship and you are doing all the work of making the relationship go along. Then end it because your frustration will just mount one on top of the other. Till you lose it and the break up goes worse than it could have been.

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