I do like him a lot, but do you think I'm wasting my time or what?

me and this guy have known each other for a while and then we started dating. well the problem is we were dating for bout 4 months and he went off to boot camp for the marines. were still dating and I won't get to see him/ be around him again for 9 months. we get to talk to each other very randomly through letters and random phone calls that I either get to answer and last bout 3 mins to not being able to answer and having to wait a week later. I do like him a lot, but do you think I'm wasting my time or what? I do love him but I still doubt things.


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  • As a Marine, I can tell you, I've seen a lot of guys in the same boat as him, most always stayed faithful and 3 of them are now married to that girl, it's a waste of time if you make it a waste of time.

    • I really don't feel like its a waste of time, I just feel like I'm stupid for dating him because he's gone for so long you know? see I guess the only reason that is stuck in my head is because both my parents were in the military and they say people normally do that so they aren't so lonely and they have something to stick to because they are alone.

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