Can you give a list of 6 things you look for in a partner? Things they absoloutely have no chance with you if they don't have?

What are the 6 things your partner must have to date with you? Do they have to be attractive? Smart? Aggressive? Trustworthy? Honest? Faithful? Loyal? Do they have to have a funny personality? Do they have to have a good job? I'm sure some of you will say no criminal record or somthing lol. Do they have to be rich? Maybe intelligent What about a certain ethnicity? Good Parenting skills? There's countless things I haven't named so feel free to come up with your own list please?


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  • Humorous. Honest. Caring / sweet. Loyal. Intelligent. That I could learn stuff from them :)

    • This is a great selection thank you 😟👍🏽

    • No sad face I meant this 😃👌🏽👍🏽

    • Aww algood :) and thanks, I like to think so too aha

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  • just being nice is all.


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