Arabic guy... need help?


I'm an Muslim Asian girl (not belong to Arab and any Muslim country and in my country Muslim are not so religious and strict towards the Islam practice)

I'm seeing an Arab boy these days, he seems kind heart, funny, humble, got panic easily when I didn't reply to his messages, like my everything, messages me more than 100 time in a day, sending cute messages, trusting me ( or he don't care about my online status), i never lied to him I'm not even wanting any relationship but he is too cute he keep boosting me for my study keep telling me he loves me & he will not able to love anyone else as this anymore, (but very touchy for his friends, even he prefer his friends rather than me for spending time) is he serious for me? or just passing his time?

and I have doubt about our marriage too (he always proposing me for it and like to make dream about our future and I took it casually cause I don't know that he actually wanted this or just playing)

I'm confused don't know what to do , should I trust on him?

or there is any possibility that his family will create any issue? (cause I'm not Arabic gal, is that really does matter? )

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  • I am an arab, so I'll tell you a few things about arabs and relationships.

    -Yes, he's serious
    -Yes he wants to get married
    -Yes he probably wants children, minimum 2+
    -He is a guy, so there won't be family issues, and if there are any, they'd probably be minimal, as long as you're muslim because he wants his kids muslim.

    -He'll never cheat on you, because socially in his culture to cheat on your wife will bring great shame to him and his entire family.

    -He will be demanding in the relationship and will probably be in charge.

    -There is a problem though, as arabs are very family oriented, you'll be seeing his family -a lot-. And I cannot stress enough on the word -a lot-. And they have a lot of cultural taboos and things you should/shouldn't do. So you'll have to learn all that. You may feel a little distant from his family because they'll all speak arabic to one another. You'll feel like a fish out of water. So I suggest you learn the language. Their sense of humor is different too, what they find halarious you may not find funny at all.

    But other than that, no. He's probably a good man and he'll take care of you.

    • Really arab guys don't cheat and they don't got a family issues and he's serious, they do these things too

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  • If its an online thing forget it. If he has introduced u to his family and they approve maybe. Be sure exactly what he wants of u in a relationship. Dont walk in blind learn about his culture and decide wether or not u can live within his culture ie no drinking, dressing respectable as a muslim etc its a big decision but use the head as well as the heart. Many western women have lived to regret marrying a muslim then again many are still happily married

    • sent you a PM

    • But I'm Asian, and Muslim Alhamdullilah, and am not doing anything what prohibited by the Islam accept western dressing!
      And am actually confuse now!

    • Well then shouldn't be a prob

  • I am Arabian so I can tell, and not most Arabs are very religious, and rate him see if he worth it u r the only one to decide

  • Leave him if its just online its drama

  • never trust anyone


What Girls Said 2

  • Hi, I am an Arabic girl and he probably told his parents about you. Let me ask you something and I'm sorry if this is awkward for you, but has he mentioned anything about sex? If he has, then he us ttying to woo you to sleep with him. If he hasn't, then he is serious about marrying you. Good luck.

    • But with Arab families, if you prove yourself to them, they will lI've you

    • No he didn't mention anything about sex, but he sends kiss emoji in his messages, is that not okay?

    • That is fine and he seems like he really loves you and cares about you. Tell him that you would love to date him and see if he allows you to meet his parents

  • i would suggest meet him once.. and see how it goes..