Can throwing trash away on the street be a deal breaker for you?

what would you think when you realise that the person you just started dating just throws his/her trash away on the middle of the street? while i dont care about most little things, i still pay attention, and I don't know why, i just hate that some people do that ALL THE TIME! would you care? not care? try to talk to them to stop doing it? would you not date them anymore and dont say anything? im just curious

personally, i think it would depend on the girl, but i know that some would even laugh at me for saying something like that, so if its one of those, i'd prob just not want to see them anymore. if the girl is openminded, i would give my opinion and still try to make it work:D


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  • It is inconsiderate, rude and ignorant. By itself not a deal breaker, but definitely on a list of behaviours that will lead to an eventual break up.

    At the very least I would tell him I dislike it.

    • thanks for your opinion:)

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  • I wouldn't flip out or anything, but it would be one of those, "aw, c'mon now..." kinda shits.

    • but you wouldn't care?

    • Hm, I'd probably pick it up. Depends on how I feel in the day.

    • i see, very cool actually! thanks for your opinion

  • One of my worst memories of my dad was when he threw an empty bucket of KFC with napkins and everything out of the car window when I was a kid in the 70's. He died in 2011. To this day, it makes me sick to my stomach... So, yeah, if a chick did that with me, I would probably have to leave her ass alone...

    • haha you're the first to say that