Should I be dating if I still have feelings for my crush who lives too far away?

I'm trying to move on and now dating someone near me but i keep thinking about what might have been with the other guy. Is it love after 1yr online as friends?


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  • first of all i would like let u know focusing on one opinion won't be the right way to deal with ur issue.. u just post the problem and its not small problem at all , actually this is a life decision u r simply confused between the present and the past 50% here 50% there so , you must be careful and to think very deep with which one u r so comfortable, who care more about you , who u feel u gonna have good future with , and who really acting as a man u can depend on him , thinking carefully will lead u to the right decision and as i always advice all others i will advice u.. dont follow just one opinion here but better to collect it all and see if its matching with u or not because u maybe follow one opinion make regret or make u deal with u problem wrongly so please use ur senses because u r the one who lnows both of them not me not him not her but only you know them so just find who u really really love truly and be with him to guarantee you won't regret tomorrow about what u choosed yesterday.

    • Thank you. And i am thinking hard about this decision. It can change the course of my whole future.

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  • I'd recommend you to wait till you get over him.


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  • What is and what could have been. This is a turmoil that haunts almost everyone. The difference only lies in your perception.
    To answer your question, No, you shouldn't be. That guy probably is serious for you while you think about what you could have been with that other guy. The longer you take to decide, the more serious he might get and you might end up hurting that guy.
    But, you do have someone. Your future with the other guy stands on a big 'MIGHT' where as you already are with someone. You can try focusing on the 'IS' more than the 'MIGHT'. Just sayin' :)

    • That's a great response. Thanks. What would you do?

    • I'd focus on the person who is dating me.
      There are a hundred possibilities, but the one that actually happened was you two. :)

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