When is the right time to call it quits on chasing a girl?

When do you usually give up on a girl.

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  • 1month
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  • When she takes out a restraining order.


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  • I'd give in 1 month.


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  • First of all you must realize that dating does not create objective questions. Everything is subjective, relative. Some girls are worth no more than 2 days of chase and some girls are worth more than 2 years (no kidding). These are the questions you should ask yourself.
    1) Does she always reply to your texts?
    2) Does she never flake when you plan a date?
    3) Does she apologize when it's her mistake?
    4) Does she initiate conversations?
    5) Does she treat you different (ie. better) than other guys?
    6) Is she a bit nervous around you?
    7) Does she try to keep herself updated on your status?
    8) Does she never mention other guys romantically?
    9) Is her family conservative?
    10) Is she in a hectic occupation? (multiple jobs/ college+job) ?
    etc. etc.
    The more 'yes' you get.. the greater should be your tendency to wait and the greater the no. of 'no' you get, the greater should be your tendency to drop her and move on. eg. A girl texts you daily for hours. She is a social butterfly. Always busy with friends in clubs/parties etc. She invites you there to hang out with her. If you're not there, she texts you. Bu when you propose a date.. she flakes. She shows a lot of interest, but avoids dates. This is a big red signal that she wants you around to chase her and she'll not go forward with you. This is the time to drop her and move on. I can't explain each and every situation, and looking at your age, i won't need to.. you are quite experienced.

  • If you ask her out twice and she comes up with BS excuses (Women aren't straight foward, and will lie a lot to get out of a date) then you call it quits.

    • To clarify my above statement. You ask her out twice, and she keep coming up with excuses. Also if when you message her she takes (hrs/days) to respond back. Shows she doesn't think much of you and should stop pursuing.

  • With most girls I liked a month to 6 months. But I think that's because I'm more of a shy guy.

  • When I know that I can't have her or when she tells me that she is not interested.

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