Hey, I talk to this girl a lot on Facebook she always responds when it says in green web on her chat but barely when it says mobile why is this?

We me on a online datine site, have talked for about a month.

Would be awesome if you could leave a detailed answer as it's making me a bit paranoid, would love to hear a girls perspective on this as well.


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  • Must be having 2G mobile internet. Poor people like us exist

    • oh okay do you still appear online then even though your internet may be all over the place.

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    • I mean she must like me a bit as we have been talking on facebook for over month and met on a dating site?

    • Yes, that's surely a positive sign. A positive sign to MOVE AHEAD. Don't forget that. I think it's time to meet up if not a formal date. Other wise you might get stuck in the friendzone.